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Strength & Stability Class

Strength and Stability Class for a stronger body

Join our class to improve your performance

Strength and stability through your hips and pelvis are essential components for any athlete, yet they are commonly overlooked in place of further increases in mileage. Improving your “core strength” is key to remaining injury free.

If you can remain injury-free and train consistently month after month, your performance will improve.

Joining our strength class will help runners and cyclists to stay injury-free, improve their performance and reach their goals.

Keep your body in great shape and performing at its peak

Classes run from 6:30am – 7:30am on Monday and Thursday mornings, starting and finishing in our Milsons Point headquarters. All classes are led by The Body Mechanic Team and incorporate exercises learnt from our years of physio experience in treating athletes.

Strengthen your core with exercises specifically designed to engage your glutes, hips and pelvis

Reduce the chances of sustaining an overuse injury by improving your overall mobility and flexibility

Meet a great bunch of people all focused on improving their performance

Get motivated by an experienced member of the Body Mechanic team, with years of experience treating and training athletes.

Spots are very limited. We have a maximum 20 people per class

The classes cost:
  • $50/month to attend 1 x / week, or
  • $100/month to attend 2 x / week

The class is held outdoors near the Lavender Bay stairs. You need to wear appropriate clothing for the weather. Please arrive promptly at our head office at 6:30am If you have any questions regarding the Strength and Stability Class give us a call on (02) 9955 5842