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Skip your way to better performance

Run Faster and Ride Further by adding skipping to your training regime.

Skipping is great for Cyclists and Runners

Skipping is a great way to help improve your running and cycling performance. With the correct skipping technique you can strengthen your calf muscles, achilles tendons and the intrinsic muscles in your feet as well as improving your “core” strength and cardiovascular fitness at the same time. All in just a few minutes a day.

If you are returning back to running or cycling after a prolonged period of injury then skipping is a great way to build the initial fitness and strength required to make the return trouble-free. (Here is a guide on How To Return To Running After Injury)

Great for any location

If you have to travel for work frequently to locations where running or cycling is difficult, skipping is a great, time efficient option to help maintain your fitness and strength.

Improve your bone density

It is commonly known that to maintain bone density and muscle strength we need to be performing weight bearing exercise, multiple times per week.

A recent study looking at bone integrity in competitive cyclists found an alarming lack of bone density in the hips, pelvis and lumbar spine.

Skipping to improve fitnessPut simply, cycling is not sufficient to maintain good bone density.  (Hence the high incidence of hip and pelvis fracture from seemingly innocuous falls off the bike). If you only ride (and don’t run) then you will be help maintain your bone density by adding a few minutes of skipping to your weekly routine.

Learn more about low bone density for cyclists.

For runners, skipping is a great way to build strength in just a few minutes a day. Give yourself a challenge, to skip a minute a day for 30 days. You will be pleased with the results and you can do it anywhere.

If you are looking to build your core strength we recommend this 10 minute core workout

Watch the video below and make sure you learn the correct technique so that you get the maximum benefit possible from your skipping.