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Running Gait Assessment

Improve your running performance and remain injury free with a running gait assessment.

Book in for an expert running gait assessment

We work with runners of all ability levels to improve their running technique and elevate their performance.

Whether you are targeting a particular event, or resuming running following an injury, assessment of your gait and identifying strategies to improve your technique will assist you in achieving an efficient and sustainable running stride.

Our running technique coaches are runners themselves, and will implement an individualised approach to help you achieve your running goals.

Don’t put up with running niggles and injuries that are stopping you from reaching your full potential

More than 50% of runners get injured every year!

At the Body Mechanic, we have helped thousands of runners improve their running gait which can help reduce your chances of getting injured.

A running gait assessment is designed to help you run faster with less effort. You’ll get to feel how to run correctly and we guarantee to make changes in your technique after only one session. You’ll feel lighter, more in control and running more efficiently than you have before.

The longer you can run injury-free, the more consistently you can train and the better your results.

Feel great running now

If you want to run efficiently and pain-free for many years to come, a proper running gait assessment is one of the best investments you can make in your running. Your running gait assessment with The Body Mechanic will include:

Personalised video assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, and an injury assessment to

help prevent overuse injuries

Individualised exercise program and stretches aimed to improve your running efficiency and minimise injury risk.

A training schedule for the transition into your new running technique

Specific and easy-to-follow instructions on what you need to change and why based on your running experience and skill level to help you achieve your running goals

Individualised exercise program intended to improve your riding efficiency and minimise injury risk.

Specific technique-related running shoe advice so you can get the right running shoe suited to you

Booking an appointment with us is easy – come as early as 8am or as late as 6pm.

To get the most out of your session, please bring the following:
  • Your running shoes (and optionally a retired pair of shoes as well)
  • Some comfortable casual clothing (e.g. Shorts and a T-shirt)
  • Please e-mail through any relevant X-Ray or scan reports in advance of your session
  • HICAPS is available in the clinic for health insurance claims

If you have any questions regarding our Running Gait Assessment give us a call on (02) 9955 5842