Nike Zoom Kiger 2 – A trail shoe review

Nike Zoom Kiger 2

Nike Zoom Kiger 2


Most Important Stats:

Pitch = 4mm
Weight = 8.5 Oz (mens size 10)

For the technically inclined click on this link to see the official spec sheet:  Kiger Specs


This is a great new trail shoe from Nike. It has a relatively minimalist feel thanks to it’s fairly light weight and low pitch, yet there is still comfortably enough shoe to get over the various sharp stones, rocks and tree roots that you are likely to encounter out on even the most technical of trails.

If your current shoes are more of a traditional “chunky” style, with a pitch of 10-12mm, then you will need to ease yourself into these Nike’s gradually. Too much running too soon could result in tight calves and potentially sore achilles. The back section of the heel is cut away in this model, making the 4mm pitch feel a bit more like a zero drop shoe, but as long as you are sensible and increase your mileage in them gradually, your calves and achilles will adapt.

They are fairly low through the toe box, so despite having quite a bit of width through the forefoot, you might feel a bit squashed in the toes. This starts to stretch and soften after your first few runs. For anyone who finds their shoes are “too roomy” – these will be a great option.

Like most trail shoes with rock protection, this pair will feel a little on the stiff side through the mid foot initially, but like the toe box, this will also soften after your first few runs.

We welcome any comments or further information from people who have tried them, so please let us know your thoughts.






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