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Nicole Oh

Nicole Oh


Nicole is a Sydney-born and trained Physiotherapist who has just returned to her homeland after spending the greater part of the last two decades living and working in the UK.

Nicole’s interest has always been in the treatment of sports injuries, as well as biomechanical assessments and sports injury rehabilitation. She has also completed training in Acupuncture and Clinical Pilates.

Nicole’s overall aim is to minimise the time clients spend away from their sport, as well as equipping them with management strategies to prevent ongoing injury and enable them to become more resilient, efficient and effective athletes.

Nicole herself is a competitive road racer. In the UK she competed at National-level events with Les Filles Racing Team, a women’s team she co-founded and managed. She is planning to test herself at a similar level in Australia and try to keep up with the youngsters.

Nicole’s sporting background started with triathlon. She is currently a very competitive road racing cyclist. She has run many half marathons, the Rotterdam full marathon, and she qualified and competed in the 2009 70.3 World Championships and completing an Ironman in 2011.

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