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Initial Bike Fit Save $60 during Tour de France

Special Offer: Save $60 on an Initial Bike Fit during the Tour De France.

If you are experiencing any aches, pains or discomfort on your bike, or you have a nagging feeling that you’re not improving despite your efforts – it is time for a bike fit.

Bike Fits Are for Everyone!

Whether you are new to cycling or you have been riding for years, a bike fit is essential to your comfort, performance and efficiency on the bike.

Don’t Miss Out – Book Now

This is a very limited offer available until the end of this years Tour de France – 24th June to 21th July 2024

The Body Mechanic Team are highly trained bike fitters, physios and experienced cyclists. They have helped thousands of riders improve their cycling performance and comfort.

If you want to ride happily and pain-free for many years and miles to come, do yourself a favour and give yourself the gift of a proper bike and body fit.

During your session we will:

  • Discuss your upcoming riding goals and events and provide training advice to help you get in the best possible shape.
  • Assess your biomechanics to ensure you are using the correct muscles when you push the pedals.
  • Check your riding position and adjust it as needed to ensure you are in the most efficient position.
  • Provide a personalised exercise program to address any weaknesses or issues
  • Show you pre and post fit videos with visual feedback on your position, posture, and pedaling style

Book Now (Click on TDF Initial Bike Fit Special)

Please Note:

APPOINTMENTS MUST BE BOOKED AND COMPLETED BETWEEN 24/06/24 – 21/07/24 – and are non-refundable.

Tour De France Initial Bike Fit Special $60 (15%) discount.

This is a special offer we are making available until the end of the Tour De France 2024. It can be used for an initial bike fitting session on a road, gravel, CX, hybrid or mountain bike. For time trial or triathlon bikes, please contact the clinic.

The session includes an interview and biomechanical screening to enable an individualised fitting process.

This initial fitting session will be suitable if you are not comfortable on your current set up, are looking for performance gains, have not had a bike fit for many years, or have experienced significant injury or change in your fitness.

This Bike fit Session will take up to 2 hours and it costs $330 (Usually $390)