Eliot Denver

Eliot Denver

Eliot Specialises in:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Biomechanical Assessments
  • Dry Needling
  • Bike Fitting

Eliot’s background in elite sport first came as an athlete while training as a gymnast at WAIS. During that time he had his fair share of injuries and became intrigued by the human body – how it worked and what it took to “break” and “repair” it. He went on to study biomechanics at university that involved detailed motion analysis integrating anatomy and kinetics.

Later, as a Biomechanist at the Australian Institute of Sport, Eliot worked with the Australian Cricket Team. He regularly consulted coaches and players on training loads and technique analysis for injury prevention. Eliot returned to university to become a Physiotherapist. He has been practicing since 2009. This allowed him to learn about the next piece in the puzzle… how to “fix” the injury.

Eliot is committed to optimising performance and reducing injury risk. He combines his biomechanical knowledge with manual therapy and rehabilitation strategies to get the best for his clients.

Eliot is an avid cyclist and can be found on club rides during the week and on weekends. Eliot lives by  The Body Mechanic’s  “little and often” philosophy and cycles or runs almost every day.