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What to do when you suffer from neck pain

According to research, 80% of people will have neck pain at some point in their lives. Most often, neck pain falls under the category of mechanical neck pain. People usually describe mechanical neck pain as aching and stiffness that may trigger sharp pain with some

ITB pain, cure for ITB pain

Diagnose and cure your ITB pain

Learn how to diagnose and cure your ITB pain. What is ITB pain, how to diagnose it and learn tips on how to change your running style to avoid ITB issues in the future.

Cycling Cadence – What is it and how do you improve it?

Cycling Cadence – What is it and how do you improve it?  If you’ve ever watched professional cyclists, or the Tour de France, you’ve probably admired the way they seem to glide along effortlessly at speeds of up to 60km/h. Skilled cyclist’s legs move in

Guide to return to running

How To Return to Running After Injury

This guide will show you how to return to running after injury as soon as possible! One of the most common mistakes we see runners make when they are returning to running from injury is doing too much too soon. This is usually due to a

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Bowral Classic Training Plan 2023

Training Plan for the Bowral Classic 85km, 120km and 150km events. The plan includes techniques and drills to help you improve your cycling performance for the Bowral Classic.   Plus Strength and Stretching Workouts to educate you on how to get cycle fit in 8 weeks.

How Do You Optimise Your Saddle Position? Saddle position is the foundation of a good bike fit. Finding an appropriate handlebar height and reach cannot be done well if a proper saddle position is not established first. There are 3 aspects of saddle position –

TBM New Designer Cycling Kit

We are very excited to announce our new TBM designer cycling kit. Created by world-renowned fashion designer and cyclist, Yousef Akbar, this gear is incredibly comfortable, durable, and looks great!

Bike and Body Fit Bowral

Winter Bike Fit Review

If you are experiencing any aches, pains or discomfort on your bike, or you have a nagging feeling that you’re not improving despite your efforts – it is time for a bike fit review.

How can you get a PB at UTA 2022?

e   It is disappointing that the UTA has been delayed again this year. This could be your best chance to get a PB at the UTA 2022. A lot of you will feel like you have been training for nearly a whole year for

UTA Hill Technique

UTA – Hills and Stairs – Technique and Training Tips

The Ultra Trail Australia courses are tough. The combination of hills and stairs will take a toll on your cardio-vascular system, your body and your mind. Incorporating both hill training and stair training is essential to both your enjoyment and your success on race day.

recovering from covid and training

Post Covid – Should you continue training or rest it out?

It seems, in Australia at least, that we have pretty quickly moved from a situation where a few months ago you probably didn’t know anyone who had actually had Covid, to now, if you haven’t had it yourself, then your neighbours and work colleagues probably have.

Small Cyclist Problems

This article was written by our bike fitting and bike racing physiotherapist Nicole Oh   Once upon a time, I saw on social media that the definition of a “short” female is a person who is under 5’4″ (163cm). This is basically me (although I

Do Women Need To Ride “Women Specific” Bikes?

The Myth of Women’s Specific bikes Written by Nicole Oh – Physiotherapist and Bike Fitter at The Body Mechanic With International Women’s day this weekend, I thought it might be topical to write about Women on bikes. Recent thinking is that the term “Women’s Specific

8 Reasons Why Cyclists Get Knee Pain

Cycling is a highly repetitive sport, with a rider averaging about 5000 pedal strokes per hour. The repetitive nature of the sport means that overuse injuries are common, with knee injuries probably being the most common of all. Even the smallest amount of mal-alignment or

When should you start training for the UTA?

The short answer is that you shouldn’t really ever have stopped training – performing well in ultras is all about growing your cookie jar. Read THIS ARTICLE if you’ve got no idea what I mean by your “cookie jar” A period of intense training to

UTA what distance to enter

UTA – What distance should you do?

Are you trying to decide what UTA distance to enter? Having a few drinks with mates (via zoom) and signing up to run 100km, may not actually be the best thing for you to do. You will have a lot more fun on race day


You can save yourself a LOT of time at the checkpoints in the UTA, and perhaps even score yourself a PB in the process. All it takes is some careful planning and a lot of determination on race day. Spending too much time at checkpoints

Nicole Oh Bike Fit for hanstrings

Why you need “longer” hamstrings for cycling

This article was written by our bikefitter and physiotherapist  Nicole Oh. Nicole has been riding and racing bikes for many years, and brings a wealth of experience to The Body Mechanic team.  Before I delve into this topic, let me clear up something first… when

Plantar Fasciitis – what can you do about it?

According to research, 80% of all cases of plantar fasciitis show a spontaneous improvement within 12 months. This is great news. If you are willing to put up with a sore foot for a whole year, then you have an 80% chance that it might

Running Training – How Hard Can You Push It?

    Did you win last years UTA100? Are you leading the Sydney Trail Series? Did you run 2:02 at Berlin? The guys/girls who get these top results are masters at training hard, but even better at managing their bodies and remaining injury-free. The vast

Foam Rolling for runners and cyclists

Start your own Body Maintenance Routine

Stretching is one of those subjects that divides opinion. Some runners love stretching, others hate it. Some people can run their whole life without stretching and remain injury-free. Others find they can’t string together two weeks of uninterrupted training unless they stretch regularly. The bottom

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