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Bowral Classic Training Plan 2023

Bowral Classic 8 Week Training Plan


The 2023 Training Plan Is Available Now.

Suitable for 85km, 120km and 150km events. The plan includes techniques and drills to help you improve your cycling performance for the Bowral Classic.   Plus Strength and Stretching Workouts to educate you on how to get cycle fit in 8 weeks.

Download a copy of the 8-week Bowral Classic Training Plan now.

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Learn From the Professionals.

The Body Mechanic team have over fifty years of experience in bike fitting, treating, and training all types of cyclists. They also have vast combined experience at riding and racing bikes so they understand the demands that the Bowral Classic will throw at you.

The 8 week Bowral Classic online training program has been specifically designed to prepare you for this exciting event.

There is advice for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders, so no matter what level of cycling you are currently at, The Body Mechanic has got you covered.

As part of the plan, you will receive a recommended weekly cycling volume for your skill level, a stretching and strengthing guide, and tips on how to improve your cadence and bike setup.

To learn more about how to set up your bike cleats to avoid knee pain check out this guide.

Come and talk to our expert bike fit team to get your bike set up correctly.