Bowral Christmas 2019 Bike Fit and Physio Discount

Save $30 on your next Bike Fit or Cycling-Specific Physiotherapy Assessment

Book either a Bike Fit or a cycling-specific Physiotherapy assessment  by The Body Mechanic before Christmas 2019 and save $30.

A Bike Fit will improve your comfort, cycling efficiency and overall performance. It is the perfect Christmas gift for the cyclists in your life.

Cycling is a lot more forgiving on the body than running.  That is probably why a lot of runners make the switch over to cycling when they reach their late thirties and early forties. Cycling often seems like a better option if you are constantly picking up niggles and injuries when you run.

But, despite it being easier on the body, cyclists are not immune to injuries.Bike Fit Sydney

Every week at The Body Mechanic, we treat dozens of cyclists with sore knees, sore necks and sore lower backs. A lot of these niggles originate from tension caused by sitting with poor posture at work for too many hours, and the cycling aggravates things rather than causes them.

Either way, if you are uncomfortable when you ride, you won’t be enjoying your riding as much as you could be.

Our cycling specialist physiotherapists will assess your body and identify any tight, weak or unstable areas that need to be addressed. Tight hamstrings, for example, can contribute to low back pain on the bike, as you might not have enough flexibility to comfortably reach your bars. Weak glutes might mean you are using the wrong muscles to drive the pedals, which means you will lose efficiency (speed) and be more susceptible to hip pain and sciatic nerve issues.

The Body Mechanic bikefit process takes your personal biomechanical traits into account when finding your ideal riding position. Tight hamstrings might mean you need a shorter stem or less drop from saddle to bars.

As part of our bikefit you will be given some specific and personalised exercises to work on to improve the way your body interacts with the bike.

After a few weeks of hamstring and nerve stretches you might be able to drop the bars or lengthen the stem again and reap the benefits of being more comfortable in this aero position.

If you take a proactive approach to body management you should be able to enjoy a long and fruitful life on the bike. A bikefit, a cycling-specific physio assessment, and some easy exercises can make all the difference.

Book yourself in for a cycling-specific physio assessment or a bikefit and quote “Bowral Christmas” and we will give you $30 off your initial appointment.*


You can book your bikefit or your physiotherapy assessment online now

  • Click on “Bikefit Assessment” for the 60 minute physiotherapy assessment
  • Click on  “Initial Bike Fitting” for a full bikefit appointment

Call us on (02) 9955 5842 if you would like any further information or help to book yourself a session  or for Bikefit Christmas Vouchers

 * Valid for all Bike fit and cycling-specific physio assessment bookings made before Christmas 2019 when quoting “Bowral Christmas”

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