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Physio Bike Fit

Ride efficiently and comfortably on a bike set up specifically for you by our highly experienced Physios.

Book an expert Physio bike fit today

Bike Fits Are for Everyone! Whether you are new to cycling or you have been riding for years, a bike fit is essential to your comfort, performance, and efficiency on the bike.

A properly fitted bike will help you ride for a long time at a high intensity (should you wish!) and stay comfortable throughout.

We fit all types of bikes – Road, TT, Gravel, CX, MTB, e-Bikes, Hybrid.

At the Body Mechanic, our professional bike fit service is done by experienced physios and passionate cyclists.

This means that they understand the demands you put on your body while on the bike. They know what it takes to make your ride comfortable no matter what your cycling experience.

As experienced athletes and physios, we have an excellent understanding of all sports injuries and how they affect you on the bike.

Don’t put up with pain on your bike

A Bike Fit service by an experienced physio can help to prevent overload injuries. Knee pain, lower back pain, and numb hands are three of the most common repercussions of a poorly fitted bike. Saddle discomfort and numbness is another common issue you should not be experiencing.

At the Body Mechanic, we fit your body to the bike, not the other way around!

Every bike fit is unique, as no two people are the same. It starts with an interview to gain insight into your riding goals, injuries, discomfort on the bike, and training load. This is followed by a biomechanical screening to identify how you like to move, potential limitations to your position, and areas that need to be addressed.

Based on this screening process we will provide you with exercises to correct any issues. This will ultimately make you a stronger, better, more resilient rider.

Ride in comfort on a bike set up for you

If you want to ride happily and pain-free for many years and miles to come, do yourself a favour and get a proper bike fit by our experienced physios. Your bike fitting session with The Body Mechanic will include:

Personalised assessment of your strengths and weaknesses via a biomechanical screening and observing your current riding position.

Bike fit report including key biomechanical findings, your bike measurements and any recommendations so you understand your complete bike setup and how you can continue to improve your cycling performance.

Pre- and post-bike fit videos to give you visual feedback on your position, posture and pedaling style, and how it changes with adjustments to your bike.

Adjustment of your riding position taking into account your biomechanical traits, your riding goals and your skill level to help you achieve your cycling goals

Individualised exercise program intended to improve your riding efficiency and minimise injury risk.

Booking a Physio Bike Fit is easy – come as early as 8am or as late as 6pm.

To get the most out of your session, please bring the following:
  • Your bike(s)
  • Cycling clothing (shorts and jersey)
  • Cycling shoes(s)- If your cleats are old and worn bring another pair along, or we will be able to provide these for you;
  • If you have spare parts feel free to bring them (eg saddles, stems, seatposts);
  • Any relevant medical reports.
  • HICAPS is available in the clinic for health insurance claims

If you have any questions regarding our Bike Fitting Service give us a call on (02) 9955 5842