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Are your glutes doing what they were designed for?

Do you sit for a living?



If you sit at your desk for more than two hours a day, then there is a high chance that you will have developed “glute amnesia” or “lazy glutes”.

Sitting down all day at work effectively switches off your glutes, and your brain’s subconscious ability to activate them decreases.

If you think about your body as a factory production line, and each group of muscles (i.e. calves, quads, hamstrings) is one engine or machine on that line. Your gluteal muscles are the biggest machine and they are right in the middle of the production line.

If you knock out the biggest machine in any production line (lazy glutes) the rest of the machines have to work too hard, and they end up breaking down (calf strains, hamstring strains, knee pain etc).

The good news is … you can do something about it. The following exercise is aimed at establishing whether your brain and your glutes have any sort of connection.

Once you are good at activating your glutes, you can work on some running and cycling specific glute strengthening exercises.

If you are not good at switching them on, or activating them, then you should focus on becoming very good at performing this particular exercise, so that when we show you how to strengthen them, you will achieve great results quickly.

Click on the video to learn what to do: