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About Us

About Us

At The Body Mechanic, we understand that there is nothing like the feeling of getting back out there and doing what you love.

As athletes ourselves, we get it!

The typical health care professional approach is to stop you running or cycling while you focus on specific strengthening exercises, rest and rehab. Our approach is to choose exercises (stretching, rolling, strengthening and stabilising) plus changes in your technique, which make returning to your sport more comfortable, sooner.

We have treated literally thousands of athletes using this approach with great success. All of our physiotherapists have worked with a broad range of musculoskeletal problems, from those affecting high-level athletes to the aches and pains encountered by keen weekend warriors and also common work-related problems such as neck, back and shoulder pain caused by sitting at a desk all day.

Our team have a combined 50 years of physiotherapy experience, and combined 60-plus years in elite representative sport, in cycling, ultra-running and triathlons. We aim to keep your treatments to a minimum whilst assisting you with your rehabilitation and teaching you a variety of self-help techniques and methods.

We have two clinics

Milsons Point Clinic

Conveniently situated in North Sydney we offer appointments from 8:00am, Monday to Friday.

Wentworth Falls Clinic

Close to the running trails in Wentworth Falls we offer appointments on Tuesday and Fridays from 9.00am.

Our Team

Mark Green

Peter Sweeny

Nicole Oh

Alastair George

Fred Francis

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