2020 Body Mechanic Vouchers

Body Mechanic Vouchers

Gift Vouchers will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase with instructions on how to claim them.

All gift vouchers are valid for 3 years from purchase

Physiotherapy Assessment and Treatment – $125 $125 $112

This is a 40 minute physiotherapy treatment / assessment session and can be used for both initial sessions and follow-up visits

Running Assessment – $285 $285 $255

An 80 minute session assessing your running gait – We video you running, help with any changes needed to improve your technique, and video you again to show you the changes. We also assess your body and identify any tight, weak or unstable areas and prescribe stretching or strengthening exercises to fix them.

Bikefit – $365 $365  $325

A 2 hour bikefit session – We discuss  your riding history and goals, assess you body for any tight or weak areas, and set you up in a position of maximum comfort and efficiency based on  your specific body traits. We provide before and after video footage of  your riding position, and prescribe any exercises needed to address your body.