• Bikefit

    + Reduce injury risk
    + Improve comfort
    + Establish the optimal riding position based on your flexibility, stability, experience and riding goals

  • Running Technique Assessment

    Our video analysis and running-specific biomechanical assessment will help you to:
    + Increase running efficiency
    + Reduce the likelihood of sustaining injuries
    + Learn the drills, stretches and stability exercises needed to improve your technique

  • Bike Mechanic

    + Prevent mechanical issues before they arise
    + Tune your machine before your goal event
    + Quick roadside repairs

  • Physiotherapy

    + Injury Diagnosis and Management Strategies
    + Hands-On Treatment Sessions
    + Treatment for Runners, Cyclists and Triathletes
    + Treatment of Non-Sport Based Injuries

  • Remedial Sports Massage

    + Relieve tight and painful muscles
    + Treatment for runner’s, cyclists and triathletes, conducted by an experienced athlete.
    + Massage for non-sport based injuries (neck, shoulders and back)

  • Lunge Workout For Runners

    Strength and Stability Class

    + Improve core strength
    + Improve hip mobility
    + Build stronger glutes
    + Reduce injury risk

Online Physiotherapy Appointments Available . .

Using video technology we can help to assess and diagnose your injuries and niggles, prescribe home exercises to help you fix them, as well as helping you manage your training load to make a full return back to sport.

Book yourself ONLINE or call us on (02) 9955 5842 to arrange an appointment.

Meet The Team

Mark Green

One of New South Wales’ top off-road ultramarathoners, former elite Ironman Triathlete with a special interest in running technique work.

Peter Sweeny

Peter has run track, road, cross-country and has now turned his attention to ultra trail running. He has a keen interest in the rehabilitation of running and cycling injuries and lower limb biomechanics.

Jack Renshaw

Jack is our practice manager. He is a competitive cyclist, racing in A Grade Sydney criteriums, state opens and NRS races.

Nicole Oh

Nicole is an accomplished road cyclist with a keen interest in treating cyclists and triathletes.