• Bikefit

    + Reduce injury risk
    + Improve comfort
    + Establish the optimal riding position based on your flexibility, stability, experience and riding goals

  • Running Technique Assessment

    Our video analysis and running-specific biomechanical assessment will help you to:
    + Increase running efficiency
    + Reduce the likelihood of sustaining injuries
    + Learn the drills, stretches and stability exercises needed to improve your technique

  • Bike Mechanic

    + Prevent mechanical issues before they arise
    + Tune your machine before your goal event
    + Quick roadside repairs

  • Physiotherapy

    + Injury Diagnosis and Management Strategies
    + Hands-On Treatment Sessions
    + Treatment for Runners, Cyclists and Triathletes
    + Treatment of Non-Sport Based Injuries

  • Remedial Sports Massage

    + Relieve tight and painful muscles
    + Treatment for runner’s, cyclists and triathletes, conducted by an experienced athlete.
    + Massage for non-sport based injuries (neck, shoulders and back)

  • Lunge Workout For Runners

    Strength and Stability Class

    + Improve core strength
    + Improve hip mobility
    + Build stronger glutes
    + Reduce injury risk

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Meet The Team


Mark Green

One of New South Wales’ top off-road ultramarathoners, former elite Ironman Triathlete with a special interest in running technique work.

Peter Sweeny

Peter has run track, road, cross-country and has now turned his attention to ultra trail running. He has a keen interest in the rehabilitation of running and cycling injuries and lower limb biomechanics.

Jack Renshaw

Jack is our practice manager. He is a competitive cyclist, racing in A Grade Sydney criteriums, state opens and NRS races.

Nicole Oh

Nicole is an accomplished road cyclist with a keen interest in treating cyclists and triathletes.