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Physio Services for Athletes who Want to Rehab their Injury, For Good

Get Back to Doing What You Love, Faster

Get back to living the active life you love

Whether you are into your sport for the social involvement or because you’re highly competitive, pain and injury can leave you feeling like a part of you is ‘missing.’ In our experience, athletes simply aren’t the same when they can’t compete in the sport they love.

With an early, accurate assessment and diagnosis, comprehensive treatment plan, and, at a cost that won’t break the bank, we can guarantee a safe, speedy return to sport and competition.

Why Choose Us?

  • Because we know there is nothing quite like the feeling of getting back out there & doing what you love. As athletes ourselves, we get it!
  • The typical health care professional approach is to stop you running/cycling while you focus on specific strengthening exercises. Our approach is to choose exercises (stretching, rolling, strengthening and stabilising) which make returning to your sport more comfortable, sooner.
  • We have treated literally thousands of athletes. We look at your bike set up, running technique and body weaknesses to identify the best way to return to sport, faster.
  • We have a combined 50 years of physiotherapy experience, and combined 60-plus years in elite representative sport, in cycling, ultra-running and triathlons
  • We aim to keep your treatments to a minimum whilst assisting in the rehabilitation and self-help advice.

Sporting Advice to improve your performance


You can save yourself a LOT of time at the checkpoints in the UTA, and perhaps even score yourself a PB in the process. All it takes is some careful planning and a lot of determination on race day. Spending too much time at checkpoints

Nicole Oh Bike Fit for hanstrings

Why you need “longer” hamstrings for cycling

This article was written by our bikefitter and physiotherapist¬† Nicole Oh. Nicole has been riding and racing bikes for many years, and brings a wealth of experience to The Body Mechanic team.¬† Before I delve into this topic, let me clear up something first… when

Book Your Initial Appointment

For athletes, getting off to the best start possible with your rehabilitation is a must. After only one session you should notice a difference. We will thoroughly assess and diagnose your injury, or bike set up, understand your goals and then commence an immediate and effective treatment plan. This initial treatment plan for most athletes, ultimately changes the course of their rehab, and helps them get back to doing what they love, faster.