Glute Strengthening for runners and cyclists

Gluteus Maximus - Does Yours Work?

Gluteus Maximus – Does Yours Work?

In previous Blog Posts we have discussed how important the Gluteal muscles are for runners and cyclists. The Gluteus Maximus muscles is the biggest muscle in your body, and if it doesn’t function properly (and subconsciously) when you ride or run, then you are going to be using other muscles to compensate.

By functioning subconsciously I mean it should just work. You shouldn’t have to be concentrating on “keeping it switched on”. If you do that when you run then you will probably lose focus on other, more important aspects of good running form, and if you spend too much time focusing on your glutes while you ride, you might not be taking enough notice of what is going on around you. Cycling in Sydney is dangerous enough at the best of times, you need to be focusing on keeping the rubber side down while your glutes happily do their job.

Teaching your brain how to activate Glute Max is vital before you attempt to strengthen it, so watch this video first to make sure your brain and your glutes have a good connection

Once you have mastered this then start performing some bridge exercises to make it stronger.

This following video shows you three different methods of performing a bridge exercise. The idea is to find the method which works best for you. Everyones body functions slightly differently which means that exercises often need to be “tweaked” in order to get the most out of them.

We will take the glute strength and stability exercises further by adding some standing exercises to a blog post coming soon.




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