• Bikefit

    + Eliminate injury risk
    + Improve cycling efficiency
    + Fit your body to your bike

  • Running

    Our video analysis and running-specific biomechanical assessment will help you to:
    + Increase running efficiency
    + Reduce the likelihood of sustaining injuries
    + Learn the drills, stretches and stability exercises needed to improve your technique

  • Bike Mechanic

    + Prevent mechanical issues before they arise
    + Tune your machine before your goal event
    + Custom build bikes
    + Same-day drop off and return

  • Physiotherapy

    + Hands-on treatment sessions
    + Practical approach to exercise
    + Athletes helping athletes

  • Functional Movement Screening

    +Identify asymmetries
    +Improve movement patterns
    +Minimise future injury risk

Meet The Team

Lewis Ingram

An elite marathon runner with expert understanding of running, kayaking and swimming injuries... Read more.

James Nipperess

James combines his physiotherapy experience with being an elite level track runner over the past 12 years.... Read more

Ric Austen

15 years in the bicycle retail industry and an impressive running and cycling resume allows Ric to combine practice management with a busy bikefitting schedule... Read more

Dan Bonello

Dan is our professional Bike Mechanic. He has 10 years experience as an elite level mountain biker, and he currently spends his time racing... Read more